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Carpet Cleaning - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carpet cleaning is based on the square footage. Furniture cleaning is based on a per-piece basis. Please contact us for a free detailed estimate, either through e-mail, phone, or in-home consultation. As always, you are only charged for the areas being cleaned (for example, traffic lanes only without furniture moving). All reputable companies will charge by the square foot. It’s impossible to provide accurate room pricing with sizes ranging so greatly.

By far, our most FREQUENT question. In most cases is 1-2 hours. If the carpet is heavily soiled, most areas are being cleaned, or outside humidity is high, it may be longer. Cross ventilation is your best friend when speeding up drying process. Higher furnace heat or central A/C also helps.

 Both. 9 out of 10 jobs are cleaned utilizing truck mounted extraction. Other methods exist for cleaning glue-down commercial or high-rise applications where truck mounted extraction is not practical or possible.

T.A.C.T. Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, and Time. The 4 secret ingredients that we can provide that you may not be able to. We have the ability to rinse, neutralize, and extract WITHOUT overwetting or resoiling from detergent residue. Rentals and store-bought units can’t do that for you.

Generally, we recommend that you clean your carpets once a year. Pets and high traffic areas may require cleaning more often. Carpet warranties insist on IICRC certified firms (like us) to clean your carpet once every 12-18 months, or warranties may be VOID!

Residential cleaning is ALWAYS performed utilizing green-safe certified cleaning products. Our products are safer than most of your own cleaning agents. Application of DuPont Teflon Advanced protectors are also totally safe.

We clean all types of wall to wall carpeting, area rugs, tile & grout, furniture, air ducts, and more! Our cleaning methods may vary depending on specific fabrics and fibers. Our experienced techs can determine the safest and most thorough method of cleaning. For example, berber-type fibers (olefin) tend to be oil-loving and tend to require different chemistry to extraction techniques than a traditional plush nylon or polyester.

Short answer is yes, but can be complicated based on the source (protein, cellulose, or synthetic), odor, appearance, fiber type, etc. Our technicians can better inform you of your options upon inspection of your stains. We pre-condition with Green-safe certified detergents to help emulsify ahead of time. Let our techs know of any problem areas in advance for special attention.

Of course! We are fully bonded and insured.

We ask you to please remove any small furniture and breakables off of end tables. Our technicians will take care of your larger items, and replace them with furniture tabs/blocks. Through pre-vacuuming is always recommended to better your cleaning experience

We apply DuPont Teflon Advanced protectors. They provide superior resistance against dry soil, water and oil based spills, and replace lost protection of your textiles from wear, use, vacuuming, and even improper cleaning attempts. They are priced per foot and per item, and carry a 1-year stain warranty. We are STRONG believers in this application and apply them PROPERLY, not just ‘blessing’ your carpet like some others do. Drying time is usually extended an hour or so, but the inconvenience is worth the benefits.

Popular misconception. Quite the opposite, since high-power extraction and neutralization removes harmful dulling soil which can abrade the fiber and shorten the life of the carpet. Routine professional cleanings are required should you have a pro-rated new carpet warranty claim.

Depends on the fiber type. Polyester fibers tend to permanently crush since they are stiffer and less resilient than nylon. Most nylons are heat-set fibers having a ‘memory’ that responds quite well to hot-water extraction.

Yes, within reason. There is no additional charge, just a square foot cleaning price for the carpet underneath. For liability reasons, we DO NOT move pianos, grandfather clocks, and audio visual equipment.

Yes! If there is a stain that CAN be removed, we will remove it. Based on experience, we do our best to pre-inform you of areas that may not clean to your expectations. It is our job to please you, and we make every attempt to do so. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will re-clean at no charge. If you’re still not impressed, we will refund your money. How many companies do THAT?

We have staffed professionals that can service your repair needs. Usually, furniture and contents do not have to be removed to power stretch a carpet or repair a seam.

No, we do not. We do, however, frequently recommend family owned and operated companies that provide top-notch customer service and installations. Contact us for a list of recommended referrals.

Cash, checks, VISA, and MasterCard. Payment is expected at time of service, unless arraignments are made in advance with our office.

Typically 7-10 days. Pick-up and Delivery are included in the per foot pricing of your rug cleaning.

Most oriental rugs should be cleaned in our plant, although some synthetic fiber rugs can be cleaned in the home. Rugs should be lied flat to dry and not used for a day.

The greater Bucks County and Philadelphia area. We have and will travel further, please contact our office to find out if you are within our service perimeter.

No two jobs are the same, and several factors change the answer. Amount of furniture, heavy soiling, amount/sizes of rooms to be cleaned, more than one type of cleaning service (i.e. Tile & grout, upholstery) will vary. We are particular about drying time and detail, and will be there as long as it takes to complete properly.

Most synthetic fibers are found in today’s homes and workplaces. They inherently respond the best to professional cleaning, however, natural fibers can be cleaned as well by altering chemistry, heat, vacuum, and the like. We are fully trained to determine that upon inspection.

Usually not. Our truck-mounted units provide their own heat and vacuum, and are independent power plants. If there is excessive animal hair or dry soil, we will pre-vacuum

Short answer, No. Newly cleaned carpets are susceptible to resoiling, however, so care must be taken not to transfer dirt onto damp carpets. Drying time is usually only a couple of hours, and be cautious when stepping off damp carpet to hard surfaces like vinyl or tile.

Not at all. Make arrangements for letting us in for your appointment ahead of time and we will take care of the rest. Someone from our office will talk to you about billing or payment by phone once job is complete

Yes. We offer full scale emergency water damage work, whatever the source. We can usually respond to your emergency within 2 hours. We are experienced with insurance companies, adjusters, and claims procedures, and can answer any questions regarding your issue. Most of the time we can dry your structure with little or no disruption or permanent structural repairs necessary.

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3rd Generation Family Owned -
Over 50 Years of Experience

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